Teaching agriculture at schools will
fast-track the agricultural economy

Agricultural schools play a pivotal role
in the development of the next generation of Namibian farmers

a3N partners with schools and regional and local agricultural industries to address the skills shortage in the industry.
We complement and enhance the curriculum to prepare Learners for participation in agriculture. Our focus is on increasing the employability of young people entering the sector.

Agricultural School Video

Many young people are either ignorant of the agricultural sector or have negative perceptions about it. Changing these perceptions through positive exposure and early successes will be pivotal in encouraging scholars to pursue careers in agriculture.

The a3N Agri-School Learner Enhancement Programme assists Learners in Grade 10, 11 and 12 to achieve formal qualifications through an innovative programme that incorporates the National Certificates in Animal and Plant Production, NQF4, with the IEB and the Cambridge National Senior Certificate through practical training and e-Learn methodologies.

Key Benefits of the a3N Agri-School Learner Enhancement Programme

  • Positively impacts Learner perceptions of agriculture
  • Increases employability (successful candidates will achieve a National Certificate in Agriculture)
  • Addresses the skills shortage in the agricultural sector
  • Prepares Learners for post-school work environment

Through our FarmAgain Project, a3N will collect operational disused farming equipment and repair second-hand tools for redistribution to participating agricultural schools across Namibia.

Many commercial farmers have old dysfunctional equipment that is no longer used or has de-valued and cannot be sold — while schools are in desperate need of equipment and tools to train future farmers.