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South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
Accredited Agricultural Qualifications

The Agra Agricultural Academy for Namibia (A3N) is an independent Agricultural Academy that provides a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accredited training. Both our Online Campus and customised Instructor-led courses are designed to meet the needs of students, emerging farmers, farm-workers and established farming enterprises in Namibia. We work closely with the agricultural business sector to expose students to the latest in technology and products.

The Agripedia E-learn platform bridges the information gap between agricultural academic sciences, industrial technology and primary producers, providing key information across the sector.

Message from Agra CEO

Launch of Agra Agricultural Academy Agra

Farayi Zimudzi of FAO

Launch of the Agra Agricultural Academy

Agra Agricultural Academy for Namibia (a3N) Launch Video

Our Vision is to create a smart Namibia with
economic prosperity and food security for all.









“I am proud to say that Agripedia is the platform on which I can build my dreams!”
Moonyeen Rabie: Diploma student and indigenous Namibian goat farmer

Ricorado Cloete

“I believe that education is key to my success as a farmer and I have found a true partner in a3N.”
Ricardo Cloete: Farmer – Khomas Hochland, Namibia


Online farming solutions and information for students, farmers and the agricultural business sector


Our Online Agricultural Campus gives students across the African continent access to accredited Agricultural E-learning programmes.


Our Online Agricultural Encyclopaedia provides the latest up-to-date information on agriculture and farming techniques in an easily accessible format.


Helping small farmers to manage their farming business through a customised online business management system.


Exposing farmers, primary producers and students to the latest products, goods and equipment through an innovative online agricultural trading system.


Putting professionals across various sectors ranging from agriculture, engineering, science, academics and entrepreneurs in touch with each other.