With over 30 years’ experience in agricultural training and project development,
we continue to have a positive impact on the lives of students, farmers and farm-workers in Namibia.

Our Leadership Team

Griffort Beukes
  • National Diploma: Human Resources Management
  • Executive Leadership Development Programme (UCT GSB)
  • Management Development Programme (USB)
  • Advanced Development Programme in Namibia Labour Relations


Griffort has recently taken over the ProVision portfolio as Manager: ProVision.
This is in addition to his current GM: Human Resources job function.
Griffort has been with Agra for 15 years and has a training facilitation background and 27 Years’ work experience in Human Resources Management and Training Facilitation.

Christo Brisley
Senior Technical Advisor
  • N.Dip. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Tech Business Management


Christo Brisley is the Senior Technical Advisor at Agra ProVision. He presents different training courses for ProVision such as Farm Management, Farm Infrastructure, Customer Service and Merchandise training etc. He also does consulting work for Agra ProVision. His motto in life is to do better today than yesterday and to be better tomorrow than today. Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer in the agriculture sector is a passion of his. He is also a weekend farmer with thirty years’ experience adding to the training courses presented.

Kaarina Iita
Training Co-ordinator
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
    Major Industrial Psychology


Kaarina is the Training Co-ordinator at Agra ProVision. She provides marketing, sales and logistical support for all the training events offered by Agra ProVision. She is in charge of securing participants for all the training courses and promotion and sales of ProVision services. She has in-depth experience in coordinating and organising training and special events for Agra ProVision.

Valentino Haindongo
Admin Assistant


Valentino is the Agra ProVision Admin Assistant.
He is highly motivated, reliable, and a very trustworthy person. He recently graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the Shenyang Aerospace University in China. Valentino is a cheerful young man and always willing to help.

Sakeus Kafula
Technical Advisor: Agriculture Capacity Building
  • BSc Honours Animal Science
  • MSc Sustainable Agriculture (Anaerobic digestion efficiency of Dairy manure wastewater, fruit and food waste, a sustainable source of bio-energy and waste management)


Sakeus is Agra ProVision’s Junior Technical Advisor: Agriculture Capacity Building. Sakeus’s background is in Agro-ecology, with a focus on Systems thinking and Complexity, Systems modeling and simulation, Sustainable Animal Production, Sustainable Soil Management, Sustainable Plant Production, Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems, Economics of Sustainable Agriculture.

Sakeus’s role at Agra Provision includes development of training material, presentation of trainings, provision of technical advisory services to livestock and crop farmers

Elmor Deelie
Junior Technical Advisor: Capacity Building
  • BSc Agric Honours Animal Science degree: the impact of climate change on beef production in South Africa Stellenbosch University.


Elmor’s background is in Animal management, he specialises in ruminant and monogastric management, whether it is pig management or sheep management. He is well versed in feeding plans (licks and feeds) for ruminants and monogastric animals, animal husbandry, animal health and evaluating production systems to improve efficiency.


He is a registered professional hunter with extensive knowledge on game and wildlife. He is a course facilitator, Researcher and Consultant at Agra ProVision. A young ambitious and motivated man with a passion for the industry.

Academic Advisory Committee

Our Educational Advisory Panel, consisting of experts from various tertiary institutions and industry, was established to ensure that our training and services meet the highest standard in agricultural practice.